Dual Citizens

“Ohlin’s third novel (after Inside) is the engrossing, intricate tale of half-sisters Lark and Robin Brossard…Ohlin smartly chooses a broad scope and expertly weaves Lark and Robin’s disparate lives into a singular thread, making for an exceptional depiction of the bond between sisters.” —Publishers Weekly

“Evocative…traces [its] characters over long arcs of time and place with equal amounts grace and wit. Most revelatory is the way that each [sister] fights to find her own life as an artist outside the expectations of others and the demands of a male-dominated world.”—Vogue

“Ohlin’s latest is a lovely, deeply moving work. A lyrical account of the lives of two women, their failures and hopes, and ultimately their quiet redemption.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Alix Ohlin’s gorgeously understated writing brings her characters to vivid, brilliant life, especially fiercely loyal and socially awkward Lark, who felt like someone we’d love to be friends with.”—Apple Books

“Ohlin’s prose and insight are luminous…As with her prior novel, Inside, Ohlin is adroit at articulating her characters’ internal dialogues, and it becomes apparent to the reader as it does to both women that they are at their most harmonious when connected to each other. ”—Shelf Awareness

“Ultimately uplifting, Ohlin’s touching, beautifully crafted story traces the unbreakable bond holding the sisters together.” —Booklist

“If storytellers seduce not just with the tale but how they tell it, then Ohlin is exemplary…Remarkable.”—Toronto Star


“An original novel about a timeless theme: the persistent difficulty of loving and well-meaning people to connect to one another…. Inside is, ultimately, a novel about hope. It begins with a gesture of despair and ends with one of promise. Who are these people? They are all of us.” —Sean Carman, The Rumpus

“Psychologically astute, emotionally resonant… A quiet novel populated with beautifully drawn, complex characters that will get inside the heart as well as the head.” —Florina Pendley Vasquez, Shelf Awareness

“You can’t help but become invested in Inside. Ohlin displays a profound empathy for people at their least rational—and most human.” —Entertainment Weekly

Signs and Wonders

“Smart, satisfying, surprising stories. Ohlin has a big, calm, seductive talent.” —Joy Williams

“Unputdownable: crisp, focused, lovely, and lasting.” —Marie Claire

Babylon and Other Stories

“With language intensely evocative and keenly focused on the nuances that define each of us as individuals, Ohlin delves into the lives of her characters—even in her shortest pieces—and reveals a depth to them, a poignancy, that is deeply affecting.” —The Baltimore Sun

“Unforgettable…Though many of her characters are suffering, the stories are never maudlin, and the people are sympathetic and real…Passionate and warm.” —San Francisco Chronicle

The Missing Person

“A radiant debut… Smart and original [with] a Southwest so perfectly imagined the reader can smell the dust.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“A seriously entertaining and probing novel.” —The Washington Post

“The Missing Person isn’t a mystery yarn or a family gothic, a romance, or a satire of radical environmentalism. It’s all of the above and then some.” —Austin Chronicle

The Brooks Brothers Guru

“Ohlin’s quietly suspenseful, artfully constructed story shows how easily people can fall under the sway not just of the charismatic, but of the attentive.” –Porter Shreve, San Francisco Chronicle